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Lawn Care
Lawn care does not just include mowing and trimming. Our lawn care services range from simple mowing and trimming to aerating and over-seeding. Your service can be a simple weekly mow or a full service package. Services can be sold as single services or package deals, however works best for your property and your needs. We have the equipment needed to keep your lawn looking good year around. If you like mowing your own lawn that is not a problem for us, we can work with you to provide the services you need. 
Lawn Care Services:

  5-Step Program: Our 5step lawn treatment program will not only help your lawn look better and grow better but also weed free

*1st application: Early-Mid April Pre-emergent and slow release fertilizer that help to control crabgrass and other grassy weeds

*2nd Application: Early June containing a moderate amount of fertilizer as well a dose of broad-leaf weed control to eradicate dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds

*3rd Application: Grub control and a small amount of nitrogen and potash to keep root density strong. We apply this the first or second week of July

*4th Application: September provides fertilizer and additional broad-leaf weed control

*5th Application: October or November and includes a large dose of nitrogen to help your lawn survive the winter and ensure a lush, green lawn come spring.

Mowing and trimming- weekly/biweekly or low maintenance mowing


■Leaf clean up and lawn raking

Aerating and over-seeding

■Power raking

■Weed, pest, and disease control programs

■Much More