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At hyde mowing & snow removal, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for your unique needs Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of landscaping services including:

Low Voltage Lighting install and service 

Patio and deck lighting, object spot lighting landscape bed lighting, underwater pond lighting. Lighting can be set dawn to dusk or be put on a switch. If a light would need to be replaced we will do everything possible to find a replacement that is the same as the rest of the lighting. However this is not always possible to products being discontinued or the age of the product. All installs have a one year parts warranty should something go wrong with the part. All wiring will be buried or covered out of site.
*Repair and service 
*System upgrades

Landscape Maintenance

Services include: weeding, mulching or rock install, bed edging material install, bed edging, drip irrigation install and maintenance, insect and Disease Control. Pruning and trimming, seasonal color plants, plant install and removal. 1year warranty on all plants, shall all directions given  be followed. 

Mulch or rock install

Mulch and rock come in many different styles and colors. From a bark mulch to 2inch limestone. We can install any form or mulch or rock. If you want to change product or color we can also remove the old material and haul it away. At the time of removal the weed barrier fabric will be evaluated and replaced as needed. If there is not a weed barrier fabric installed we will install one at that point. Having the right amount of mulch is very important to not only making the beds look good but also plant health and your pocket book. Having the right amount of high quality mulch or rock will require less watering by retaining soil moisture allowing the plant to grow and stay healthier while saving you money. 

Retaining Walls, Edging, Patios, Fire Pits

Our team is experienced at building landscape retaining walls, load bearing retaining walls, simple to large scale patios and outdoor living areas. New construction or re doing what you already have. We will design and install landscaping features that not only look great but also function as designed with the highest quality materials. 

Dirt Work & Excavating

Final site grading and seeding to digging in a new pool or landscape pond. We have the equipment and team for your grading and excavating needs. We have skid loaders and mini excavators in our fleet of equipment. We can dig in a new landscape pond and creek or just grade out a low spot in the lawn. We offer hauling of materials, thus reducing costs of your project. We also can dig trenches for verses utilities, provided you have a contractor for the utility. Our experienced operators can also replace and repair foundation drain tile, and perform final site grading. We also can do foundation build up, to slope water away from the building


Hydro seeding is a process of applying seed, water, fertilizer and a mulch product to the soil, it is much cheaper then sod and will look just as good in a few short weeks. 

Sodding & Seeding
From small lawn repair with seed or sod to large commercial grading and sod install we have the team and equipment to get the job done. 
We use high quality seed that matches your site needs. With seed or sod install we can also install a temporary irrigation system on the area